KashFlow is designed to simplify accounting for small businesses. Its functionalities and characteristics are the results of recommendations and requests from the same users.


It is designed for SMEs and includes accounting, revenue identification, contract management, inventory, supplier management, and purchasing, financial reports, among others. 9 out of 10 customers recommend it.

With the help of these applications and with the correct training in Administration and Finance, you can plan and properly manage your company or an administration department.

Time is our greatest ally in the financial planning of retirement.

If we are thinking about saving for the retirement stage, the first thing we should know is that time is a fundamental factor that will always play in our favor.  “.

Longer retirements

Besides time, longevity is another fundamental aspect that we cannot ignore when we plan the savings for our retirement. “Life expectancy increases by 5 hours each day, living up to 100 years is not going to be science fiction. Planning for retirement and investing to maintain our standard of living in the future must go beyond the simple choice of a product. It is a financial decision of great importance since what we manage to should serve to maintain our standard of living for several decades, “Alarcon answered one of the readers’ questions. At this point, explained that if the time of retirement, with the amount we have saved and the public pension does not reach us to meet the objectives we had set, we have two options: take more risk with our investments and delay the retirement age. Any financial advisor Denver would advise you to save for retirement.