We know that financial planning and accounting can be complicated and even cumbersome. To work in the management department of a company or take the finances of your own business, training is required. But it does not hurt to know applications that are a help in your administrative and accounting tasks.

Discover another way of looking at financial planning and accounting

It is undeniable that today mobile applications facilitate, and much, our daily tasks, both personal and professional. Also in the field of financial planning and accounting, we find many options. Today we show you the most outstanding ones so that administration and finances are more natural and more intuitive.


Mint claims to be the best free way to manage finances, and it seems that it is. Ranked number 1 in many rankings of financial planning and accounting applications, it is one of the most impressive. Its interface is similar to YouTube and is easy to use. You can see all your financial accounts online, automatically categorize your transactions, create budgets and set savings goals. From the web or the mobile, it is a handy tool.


97% of small businesses recommend it. Freshbooks is the cloud accounting software for professionals. Your online billing and management service helps you save time and work as a professional in large accounts. You can bill customers, track in real time and manage small businesses from the cloud.


If your name is easy to spell, the application is even more so. It is an accounting application in the cloud. You can do everything you need in financial planning and accounting, such as purchase orders, pay bills, claim expenses, business performance control panel, and much more. It is designed for different types of businesses, from small businesses to retail, startups or construction companies, legal issues, ecommerce.